Until we get a few books, articles, and what not published, we’re not going to give out much writing advice. There’s plenty of advice out there for writers (some of it good, much of it a distraction from your work).

That said, nearly every writer/artist/creative genius will want some kind of online presence. We started blogging in 2012 and it took us a long time to figure out exactly what that online presence would be:

A blog with a website or a website with a blog. Or just a blog.

There’s a difference (yes, we know a blog technically a website but here us out).

We started with a blog, d20 Dark Ages, just to test our writing chops. Eventually we moved to a website where blogging was a distinct secondary feature.

That didn’t work.

We wanted blogging to be the primary feature, with static webpages being secondary.  That is, blogging would generate the most content for the site. This took some time for figure out

(Past blog posts also needed to be easily searchable, but since the blog was a secondary feature, they weren’t).

Thus, here we are today.

If you’re just starting out, a blog will be fine. Generate content for the blog. More importantly, don’t let blogging get in the way of material you want published elsewhere.

The “official” website can come later.