Here are 7 gaming blogs in no particular order from the A-to-Z Sign Up List. Some are new, some older. All are worth reading.

There are at least four other gaming blogs on the list–more to be found (as some don’t have the “GA” label. There’s also 1700 blogs to hunt through).   We’ll mention them and post our findings after we’ve taken a closer look at them.

May each complete the challenge.

1. Sea of Stars
A massive RPG blog featuring material from the author’s homebrew setting: Sea of Stars. Lots of resources to plumb: campaign reports, magic items, spells, and so on–each with its on history. Well worth taking a look.

A-to-Z Theme: We’re assuming Sea the of Stars.

2. Nemo’s Lounge
A blog featuring reviews of D&D 5e and OSR publications, as well as resources, all with original artwork of the author making an appearance throughout the site. We particularly like the music section, since we’re always on the look out for new soundtracks for our games.

A-to-Z Theme: The Grey Isles.

3. Crossplanes
Mark Craddock has been publishing lots of fan-based RPG material for multiple systems since 2012. Much of it is quite good.

A-to-Z Theme: Grave New World

4. Fuzzy’s Dicecapades
This relatively new blog has some good insights about running AD&D Second Edition (and other pre-3e versions of D&D, like the D&D Rules Cyclopedia).  Be sure to check the blog archive for some entertaining stories from the tabletop.

A-to-Z Theme: To be revealed.

5. Monstrous Matters
It features a number of parodies and actual conversions of material (from popular culture and other sources) for the tabletop. Our favorite post: Top 5 Alien Invasion Movies I’d like to Game. It is a new blog that we hope stays around for awhile.

A-to-Z Theme: To be revealed.

6. Halls of the Nephilim
Justin Isaac has been featuring fallen angels, succubi, and RPG material, on his blog for a number of years now. Lots of horror. Lots of reviews of cool RPG-related stuff.

A-to-Z Theme: Alcohol. (This ought to be interesting)

7. The Other Side
We’ve been following Timothy Brannan’s blog since 2012 and he never fails to publish appealing and interesting content–especially topics on Witches. We highly recommend his book, The Witch: A New Class for Basic Era Games.

A-to-Z Theme: Adventure!