We’re fortunate to live in the Atlanta area, where there’s plenty of gamers to be found.

Atlanta is the home to Dragon Con.

With multiple gaming stores (or comic shops that sell wargames and RPGs), and at least a dozen colleges and universities in the area, there’s lots of opportunities to find a game. Almost too many to chose from.

The downside with Atlanta is the traffic. It seems to take at least a half-hour to get anywhere, if you’re driving.

Yet if you get the reputation for hosting great games, the gamers will show, even braving the notorious Friday evening traffic to have a good time.

One favorite store is Treefort Games, it has lots of tabletop space, along with a friendly staff and clientele. This coming weekend we’re running a Camelot-themed Dragon Rampant skirmish game on Saturday, and on Sunday we’re GMing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

Pictures forthcoming for “Mini Monday.”