In Saturday’s game of Dragon Rampant, Arthurian legends Mordred and Prince Valiant and their followers clashed on the battlefield.

The battle itself is tied into the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG adventure we’ll be running today, Sunday, as part of a campaign inspired by latter days of Camelot.

Dragon Rampant itself is a fun game that plays fast (a review is forthcoming). The players had fun, and we had good time running the scenario.

The only downside: the battery to the main camera used to take quality pictures died early on, so we had to use our cell phone. Many of the pictures had to be discarded.

Hence, above is a picture of the key figures featured in Monday’s battle report: “Prince Valiant’s Expedition.”

From left to right:
A Penitent of St. Cuthbert, a flagellant miniature from Games Workshop.
Sir Prince Valiant, a Hundred Years’ War knight from Black Tree Design, painted as the historical Edward, the Black Prince of Wales (by somebody else with far more skill).
The skeleton of Arges the Cyclops, an old Giant Undead Cyclops figure by Grenadier.
Mordred and his personal guards, all various figures by Reaper miniatures.
Accolon, Morgana’s sometime lover, an “Inquisitor of Malvernis” also by Reaper.

Until tomorrow…