Did we really need another 25mm cleric with a mace from Ral Partha? No. We’ll just paint him a different color.

You don’t just buy miniatures for tabletop games, you collect them.

You paint them. You show them off to your friends.

(Okay, there are pre-painted ones out there, but they don’t really count in our mind).

Many collectors are just starting out. They have no idea what painting techniques to use, the differences between scale, or how time-consuming the hobby can really be.

Help these newbies. Some sound advice now will save a lot frustration later.

Here’s some advice for the newbies out there: start small. Find out if you like painting the miniatures before you delve too deep.

Some collectors find themselves with more miniatures than they’ll ever paint in their lifetime.¬†Others use their miniatures constantly. Some have to sell their collection to meet financial needs.

And yet some collectors re-discover their miniatures in storage, packed away long ago along with the memories of yesteryear, and are now ready to breathe new life into these “old friends.”