Game Masters are a varied lot.

The good ones, however, are the worst. They believe in transparency, game balance, strictly following the rules, and showing the players good time.

And when the game is over, nothing is gained, nothing is lost. How boring.

The best GMs are evil. 

They seduce. They manipulate. They deceive. In their scenarios, nothing is as what it seems. They bend or break the rules without the players knowing.


The Evil Game Master’s plots strike fear into players. The players’ lowly characters are threatened. The tension builds with each encounter. The Evil Game Master challenges the players.

The players actively participate to save their characters from the Evil GM’s wiles. Suddenly, everybody is having a great time.

Then the climax. The characters are on the brink and the players feel it.

No deus ex machina (or GM ex machina) to save them.

Triumph. Catharsis.

The Evil Game Master smiles.

The player-characters have survived.

This time.