Why is this even an issue anymore?

The real issue is male gamers being jerks. That’s the real issue.

Not, “What to do if a female gamer joins your group?” Or gender limitations in character creation. Or whether or not to use “he/his” or “she/her” in a rulebook.

Many articles and advice on this topic, though they’ve gotten better (or at least well-meaning) of the years, seem to come from the view point the female gamers are some sort of problem to be solved.

The worst are male gamers who just don’t want women in the hobby at all. These are worse than ones who “just don’t get it” because of social awkwardness orΒ faux pas.

Fortunately, things have changed in the last 10-15 years.

Yes, tabletop gaming is still primarily a male hobby. But the demographic has shifted over the years. More women are playing, organizing, and running games now than ever before.

What the hobby needs now are less jerks and more gentlemen.