The original “campaign setting source book” for ancient Greece. Or the Iliad. Your choice.

History comes from the Greek word, ἱστορία (“historia”), meaning “inquiry.”

The best campaign settings, be it for roleplaying or wargaming, have a rich history, one that the Game Master has created specifically for his or her players.

Published campaign settings work, but often they are derivatives for real-world history, so why not go directly to the real-world sources? Published campaign settings also suffer from too-much history, or background that will never be relevant to the players.

If you’re a GM, you should start with a brief history of your setting. Never explain anything not directly related to the game.

What has happened before? What has happened since?

If you’re a player, who says the GM is fully responsible for creating the history of the setting?

Maybe your character has heard or knows a different history surrounding current events…