Here are seven more gaming blogs participating in the April Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge. Each are worth the time to check out. These are in addition to the seven mentioned before.

There are still other gaming blogs participating in the challenge, we just have to suss them out.

1.Sphere of Annihilation
“A blog about tabletop gaming, comics, and other nerdy stuff that I like!”  This blog participated in the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge back in the day when d20 Dark Ages was active. We’ve been following it since.

A-to-Z Theme: Adventure modules.

2.Lloyd of Gamebooks
Have you ever wanted to write you own game book, like those of Fighting Fantasy? Lloyd of Gamebooks offers advice and examples on how, along with reviews. This includes a bibliography of the author’s own works. For a definition of what game books are (they are not necessarily RPG books), click here.

A-to-Z Theme: Reviews and interviews of game book and their authors.

3.The Iron Pact
“Adventure in the World of Symbaroum.” Symbaroum is fantasy RPG original published in Sweden. The blog gives a lot more details on this RPG. Obviously the theme this month is Symbaroum.
A-to-Z Theme:The author gives a run down of character generation and attributes here.

4.Deb Renee’s Dailies
A blog that seems to resurface only for the A-t0-Z blogging challenge. The author’s main blog, the Write Mage, covers a broad range of topics from online games, fiction, and Manga/anime.

A-to-Z Theme: The Final Fantasy series.

5.DMing with Charisma
“Because DMing is a perform check.” Not wrong at all. This blog features content and commentary on post-2000 editions of the D&D game (3.5-5th, and Pathfinder), general commentary on game design, and campaign write ups.

A-to-Z Theme: Character Backgrounds

6.In My Campaign
This blog has lots of crunch. That is, numerous rules and variants for Pathfinder. The author, Keith Davies, has a number of works published on RPGNow, Paizo, and elsewhere. The blog’s archive is gold mine of ideas worth looking through.

A-to-Z Theme: “Graded Items” That is, determining the power levels of magic items.

7.B/X Blackrazor:
This is an old favorite, an OSR blog that’s been around for a few years. The author makes trips to Paraguay and writes about what its like to be a gamer there. The “B/X” stands for “Basic/Expert” D&D, the edition that came out long ago but still has a strong following today.

A-to-Z Theme: At first, no clue, but then settled on Unique magic items.