At the opposite end of the spectrum of Imagination and Creativity are the jerk gamers.

These are the stultifying forces of the hobby: the rules lawyers, the elitist fanboys, the rule system snobs, the killer game masters, the condescenders,  the whiners and constant complainers, the chronic edition warriors.

Nothing is ever quite good enough. You’re playing the game wrong, wrong. wrong. 

They must be avoided. Unfortunately, on a long enough timeline, you will encounter one (or a dozen).

Yet it can be easy to become a jerk gamer; many gamers do over a long enough timeline.


It’s easy to get immersed in the hobby. To put everything else aside. Gaming can become one’s own only social outlet. And when that happens, a sense of entitlement comes to the fore (“My life sucks at the moment, so this game had better be good!”).

Anything against that becomes anathema.

We, unfortunately, speak from personal experience having gone through a jerk gamer phase some years ago ourselves.

The best way to avoid becoming a jerk gamer is to have interests outside the hobby.

And the best way of getting over being a jerk gamer is to have interests outside the hobby.

That’s it.

(Easier said than done, of course–most jerk gamers do grow out of it. Many, however, don’t.)