What good is a game if nobody plays it?

That’s the fear certain gaming companies bet on. Nobody wants to be left behind. Yet at the same time these gaming companies have a specific audience in mind, a target demographic to sell the “next big thing”

We’ve seen the “next big thing” come and go far too often. The new edition. The glut on the market. The next edition. Third party publishers (is there such a thing anymore now that anybody can publish)  try to guess the market and make a dollar or two.

If you’re not part of the target demographic, people will say you’re missing out. You might feel too old to play, or even elitist.

“The companies are just making a quick buck,” you might cry out.

If you’re a game master, another edition or the latest set of rules might leave your well-crafted campaign in the dust.

If you’re a player, your favorite game may fall by the wayside. Chances are, it won’t. Unless you’re with a group that changes rules every three months.

Not being part of the target demographic isn’t too bad–so long as you can find players for your games. You’re out of the loop. You can focus on mastering the materials you have.

The next big thing isn’t going to worry you.