Old School Renaissance.


In recent years there’s been renewed interest in wargames and roleplaying games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. There’s been much discussion (and edition warring) over the merits and flaws of these games.

Were these games necessarily better? It depends on who you ask and your style of play. Some say its all nostalgia. We disagree.

There were different gaming philosophies at work in those days.

If you’ll search a little further into the OSR and Oldhammer movements, you’ll read stuff like “rulings over rules,” “realism vs. story,” “player skill vs. character powers,” or “having fun vs. tournament style play (or game balance).”

Or just, “We didn’t just like where the publishing companies went after a certain point.”

Regardless of your stance to “old school” play, there’s a vast and extensive library of “old school” material out there now available. (Not to mention the miniature collections of yesteryear).

Chances are, you’ll find something you’ll like for your “new school” games.

But without a doubt the “new school” will become old school…