8fef2-73minis06Once you’ve started collecting miniatures for wargaming or roleplaying it can be hard to stop.

Just make sure you start painting the before you get too carried away with buying too many. Many beginners don’t realize how long it takes to paint a figure.

And, of course, good painting takes practice.

Start with the basics: black primer, one or two coats of primary colors. Experiment. Find out of you like painting miniatures before you buy anymore.

Many veterans also buy lots of miniatures with the vague hopes of painting them “someday.”

Yet many of these veterans have sound advice on painting. Seek them out.

Once you’ve starting a project, see it through.

Painting miniatures can be one of the most rewarding aspects of wargaming and roleplaying. It’s a great feeling to field your nicely painted miniatures and have the other players say:

“Well done.”