Sometimes you have to walk away. And there is no shame in this, especially if you aren’t having fun.

Many prospective newbies quit out of shear boredom or frustration. Veterans leave because of “real life” commitments (or shear boredom or frustration).

For many new wargamers, they’ve bought too many miniatures and it becomes too daunting to paint them all.

We once heard a story where a longtime Dungeon & Dragons group fell apart when the players said to the GM: “Look, we’ve had fun, but we just don’t feel like playing D&D anymore.”

In fact, they didn’t want to play anything anymore, and it wasn’t the Game Master’s fault.

Players do get tired of the hobby.

And it’s best to quit, at least for a while, than slog through somehow (perhaps out of a sense of duty to your friends) even though you’re not having fun.