Players leave roleplaying and wargaming all of the time.

Many come back.

That’s one of the neat things about these hobbies: they’ll always be around so long as there are players or ambitious Game Masters.

If you paint miniatures and put them away, they’ll be there years from now, waiting to be enjoyed once more, resurrected from storage.

Something similar happens with RPGs. Old books get found in a box, or sold books get re-found at local used bookstore. Pages turn. Eyes glances over the artwork. Memories come back.

“Let’s try this again.”

“I wonder if we could get the old group back together.”

“Remember when…”

Sure, more people play video games than wargaming and roleplaying combined. Collectable card games, of course, are the cash cow for former RPG-based companies out there. But there’s nothing quite like sitting around a table with friends, pushing miniatures, telling stores.

A prediction: tabletop RPGs and wargames will only be replaced by Holodeck technology.