Is the Dymrak Dread epic? No.

It’s meant for low-level characters.

Does it have a convoluted plot? No.

It’s a simple little dungeon crawl that can be completed in an evening. A game master can insert the adventure into his or her campaign with minimal fuss.

Or convert it to other editions of D&D with relative ease.

It also comes with a nice battle mat. 

The Dymrak Dread is an old module, having come out in 1991. But it’s worth getting if you can find it. If you don’t like the adventure, the battle mat is the real treasure.

Players used to Dungeon Tiles or familiar with battle mats from recent editions might welcome the change of scenery, so to speak.

The premise: For 1000 gold coins, the player-characters agree to hunt down the goblin chieftain, Kosivikh, and bring back his head to the Lord Forester.

This is summarized in a couple sections of boxed text. (Some GMs like boxed text, others don’t).

The adventure begins right at the entrance to the Kosivikh’s lair. “There’s goblins in there: go!”

Or, in our case for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, the goblins have been upgraded to gnolls.

Even after the player-characters have taken care of the goblins, there’s still more to the dungeon to explore: a (somewhat) hidden level awaits with its own threats…


Enhancing the Module
1. If using the battle mat, cover up areas that the characters haven’t explore yet.

2. Have your own secret chambers and areas adjacent to the battle mat–even if it’s just an empty cavern. Keep the players second-guessing even if they’ve explored every area on the battle mat itself.

Or just terrify your players with a well-placed Owlbear.

3. Place your own treasure maps or magic items unique to your own campaign. There’s a couple of areas in the dungeon perfect for this.

4. Ignore the random Wandering Monster table on page 5. As is, the dungeon is too small to warrant such an eclectic group of baddies in such close quarters. Now, if the player-characters clear out the dungeon and return by all means use the table.

(Hey, all of those dead goblins can be food for other monsters if the PCs let them lay around.)

In Summary
Get this module if: You need a basic meat-and-potatoes adventure to fit in your campaign. You’re nostalgic for D&D Rules Cyclopedia-era material. You want another battle mat.

Don’t get this module if: you plan on converting it D&D 4th Edition–just use a 4th Edition module instead. You find that the battle mat is missing–A complete module has the adventure book, battle mat, and a sheet of card stock stand-up characters.