Tabletop gaming is largely sedentary, and tabletop gamers have a stereotype of being large.

Yet who cares about stereotypes and body images? Let’s get to the real issue: your health.

Tabletop gaming is nothing if you can’t enjoy it because your body won’t let you. The frustration. The lethargy. The sleep apnea. The susceptibility to illness.

Put the 2-liter bottle of soda down. Drink water instead. Before a game, take a twenty minute walk. Don’t bother with the latest fad diet. Just eat a little less. Do a little more exercise.

Our advice: Get paid to exercise. 

Find a job, even if its part-time, 1-2 days a week, where you’re on your feet and doing mild-to-heavy lifting for 4-5 hours at time.

Positions like this exist in retail. There’s always somebody needed to move boxes off of the truck in the morning and stock shelves.

Is it glamorous work? No. I know this from personal experience.

And its hard at first. But it gets easier as your strength builds and the pounds come off.

Yet, last year I lost 40 pounds from such a job. Issues such as sleep apnea and the fat gamer stereotype, are no longer issues.

And that, in my opinion, is priceless.