“When shall we play again?” the game master asks her players.

This is when things get tricky.

We, as gamers, talk about gaming. We write about gaming on blogs, messageboards, G+, twitter, and so on and so forth. But when do we actually get to play next?

Weekdays don’t work well. Because usually people have to work, their evenings might be free. But they have to get up in the morning.

Friday nights might be an option. Many groups find success this way, but many groups don’t. Fridays are meant for unwinding, going out to dinner or the movies, spending time with your significant other.

Saturday mornings and afternoons might work. But people are usually busy with other stuff. Relatives might come to town. There’s house work.  Or shopping.

Saturday nights might work, but most people want to do the same stuff on Saturday nights that they do on Friday nights.

Forget about Sunday morning. People are recovering from Saturday night, or going to church, or both.

Sunday afternoons see a lot of success, in our experience. So long as players arrive on time, say 1:00 pm or so. But around 5:00 pm things start to unravel as people want dinner, or to go home and relax before the work/school week starts again.

Sunday evenings are similar to week nights. It can work, so long as it starts early enough, doesn’t interrupt dinner, or doesn’t go too late.

Weekly games work best. Because it keeps it keeps things consistent. There is a game schedule every week.

Weekly games are also the worst. They get in the way of other commitments.

Games every alternating week can work well. But usually somebody forgets or can’t make it.

Monthly games can work. So long as everybody marks their schedule and doesn’t forget.

But then the holidays come a long…

Is there any perfect time to play? No. Absolutely not.

You have make gaming a priority on your schedule if you’re going to have a chance to play.

Make friends with reliable players, and hold on to them as long as you can.