At the opposite end of gamers too busy to play are the zealous gamers. Gamers who will find time to play no matter what.

They’ve got the time and the energy, and are a gaming company’s dream (or nightmare–depending on who you ask).

Week night games are no problem. They’ll be there.

Week day games are a good possibly.

Schedule a game for a Saturday night, they’ll ask: “Can we play through Sunday morning, break for lunch, and then continue play?”

They’re the first to arrive and the last to leave (sometime at the GM’s chagrin).

They’ve got every book for a particular system (but still, in some cases, just won’t run their own games).

We used to be a zealous gamer. Three games a week: two RPGs, one wargame. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This doesn’t count the board games and video games played whenever possible.

We put gaming ahead of a lot of other priorities.

We were also a college drop out.

If you’re finding yourself frustrated with life, spinning your wheels, you might have to give up being a zealous gamer to move forward.

Doing so is worth more than the gold found in a dragon’s horde.