Greeks vs. Romans, in one of the battles that gave rise to the term “Pyrrhic Victory”



This gallery has been saved from the old website.

On Saturday, March 21, 2015 we played the Battle of Heraclea with  friends at Treefort Games. Just as in history, King Pyrrhus and his allies had to defend the nearby Greek colonies against the Roman invaders.

We used Clash of Empires. The rules worked fairly well but made for a long game (about 7 hours which included a handful of breaks to admire the miniatures and take pictures).  Thankfully the rule book had a nice index for players who didn’t know the rules well.

The Greeks had taken the flanks with their cavalry, but were in no position to exploit this advantage. (King Pyrrhus himself almost perished from a javelin thrown by lowly Roman alae skirmisher in the woods).

The center had become a confused mess with the Romans having a slight edge because of their numbers–but they were also in no position to exploit this advantage. The remaining Greek phalanxes held strong (though they had that amok elephant to contend with.

After a long and drawn out battle, ending up with both sides being in disarray, we called it a draw.

Fun was had by all. We got to push around some beautifully painted miniatures with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

You can find more pictures of the battle over at Mikeopolis.