The citizens of San Miguel made it clear: they wanted no trouble.  But they got trouble anyway.

They all wanted Billy, and most wanted him dead. And it was the Marshall’s duty to keep that dirty skunk of man alive long enough to get him to see the jail cell in San

The Marshall had a tall order to fill. Billy had shot a cowboy at the local ranch, and now the ranch’s owner wanted revenge.

Billy had also robbed a train with some local Banditos, but hid the loot. Now the Banditos have come for Billy’s hide.

On top of this, the San Miguel Chapter of the Women Suffragette League got their guns to come after Billy. He had run off after having marrying a local woman and siring a baby girl.

The Marshall and his lawmen barely made to the outskirts of San Miguel before all hell broke loose. The Women’s Suffragette Movement stormed the wagon before any other of Billy’s enemies got close.

Soon a gun battle raged around the wagon, everybody wanted a piece of Billy.

Yet Billy was saved by his brother who came riding into town at the last-minute. Together they rode off into the sunset.

You can find more pictures of the scenario at Mikeopolis.

We used a Fist Full of Lead: Reloaded to run the scenario. It’s a d10 based system; you want to roll high.

Shooting is pretty lethal, especially at short ranges, usually hitting on a 5+. Watch out for rifles shooting from long-range, and especially beware shot guns up close. If you roll a “1” you run out of ammo.

Wounded characters suffer some heavy penalties. Usually they fall prone and its hard to get them to do anything but lay there. So get behind cover as soon as you can.

Each figure gets two actions per turn: move and shoot, shoot twice, move twice (charge), or mount a horse and shoot, etc. It takes full turn to reload. You can even take a move action to aim to get a +1 to your die roll.

Melee works a bit different, each player rolls a d10. The loser takes wounds based on the difference between the two rolls.

The initiative system uses playing cards. Each player draws a card, one for each of her miniatures still in play. The game round begins with Kings and goes down to 2s. Spades are first, followed by Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds. Aces are wild and can go anytime.

Certain cards can be marked with special abilities (we can’t remember if this is a house rule or not), such as “free reload” or “fire twice per action.” The latter can be vicious, since you can shot 4 times at an opponent if you don’t move.

A Fist Full of Lead: Reloaded is a fun little system we hope to get to play again in the future. A copy of the rules is available at Wargame Downloads.

Get this if: You want a fast-paced western shoot’em-up skirmish game.

Don’t this if: You’re not a fan of skirmish games. You don’t like random turn orders.