As we’ve mentioned before, Atlanta has a thriving tabletop gaming community. There are plenty of gamers out there.

Even so, it can be hard to find fellow gamers to meet up with–especially inside the Perimeter

Thus, enter the Intown Atlanta Role Playing Game Day, hosted by members of the Atlanta Gamers Guild. Last Saturday they met at Joystick Gamebar, and we went along, offering to run Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. 

Overall, about 20 so people showed up, and friendly host ushered everybody to the nearest game.

Well, we didn’t get to run DCC RPG (Atlanta traffic and all that), but we got to play Dungeon World for the first time with great group of players. It was also the game master’s first time running a game, ever. He did so well that nobody noticed until he said something at the end of the session.

Dungeon World is a terrific system if you want to get away from “crunchy” rule sets. Character generation is fairly fast. You actually generate “the world” as you create your character. That was a big part of the fun.

We created a ranger named Tsanth who had dire wolf animal companion. He was from the Forests of Liege, and lo and behold, the GM wrote “The Forests of Liege” on an index card and put it down on the tabletop. Each time a player explained geographic location it went down on the tabletop.

The group’s goal was to escort a bandit leader out of the Forest of Liege to a nearby town and collect a bounty.

Our first encounter was with a couple of ogres. Combat went fast. No miniatures. It was really nice visualizing combat in the “mind’s eye” again.

The GM had lots of little twists in the story. The bandit leader told us of a strange ruin in a swamp–someplace even he was fearful to go. Next thing you know we’re headed there.

Along the way we stopped by a city (can’t remember the name) where our halfling thief had gotten himself in previous trouble with the law. There we learned more about our destination. We eventually reached the ruins and fought the cellists there and prevailed.

It was nice little one shot game. We hope to play again and learn more about Dungeon World so we can do a proper review.

Joystick Gamebar is also a neat location. After the everybody left we got play the vintage X-Men arcade game.

Although the location changes, the Atlanta Intown Role Playing Game Day happens on the first Saturday of every month.