Starship_troopers.jpgIs the movie Starship Troopers (1997) any good?

It depends on who you ask. Some people like it, others don’t. Yes, there is a certain amount of cheesiness to the movie, which really don’t follow what happens in the book.

Yet the soundtrack is worthy for the tabletop–particularly if you’re running a military science-fiction RPG: Warhammer 40k RoleplayStar Wars, or Starship Troopers: The RPG, or what have you.

“Klendathu Drop” is, of course, the best track of the album. If you’ve watched the movie, this is probably the first song that comes to mind. “Destruction of the Roger Young” follows a close second (they also sound similar).

Other tracks, like “Tango Urilla,”  are great if you want to build tension in your game.

Track 11, “Into it,” doesn’t really belong at all in our opinion.

The only real downside to this soundtrack: A large number of songs from the movie didn’t make it.

Apparently there’s a promotional  version with an expanded score floating around out there–which may include the song, “I’ve not Been to Paradise,” played near the end of the Prom scene in the movie.

You can find this album on iTunes or Amazon for a reasonable price.