It sucks time away from playing the game.

Most of us would rather play, but those characters have got to be generated.

And while some people enjoy “building” (what do you really mean by that?) their characters, it becomes tedious after a while–especially if you’ve completed your character and are waiting for so-and-so to finish their fighter/wizard/thief/prestige-class-from-random -splatbook.

Some RPGs have made character generation interesting, like Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, and Dungeon World.

Even D&D 5e seems to have toned back on the math needed to create a character.

You know when character creation doesn’t really suck?

  1. When it’s over in 15 minutes after you’ve sat down to play–especially for low level games.
  2. When GM hands you pregenerated characters for a one-shot session. (To all GMs out there: please-oh-please don’t make your players roll up characters for one-shot sessions).
  3. When you’d done most of the legwork before the session starts and you can create your character in minimum amount of time.

You’re there to play. Not create characters. It sounds harsh, but far too many campaigns have died, and far too many groups have fallen apart because of boredom during character creation.