Today, May 22, Treefort Games in Fayetteville, Georgia, closes its doors for the final time.

Though there are rumors abound about somebody purchasing the business from its current owner, it appears that this is it.


Treefort is hands down one of the best gaming stores in existence, with a ton of well-lit table space, a friendly staff, and a great selection of merchandise. The clientele are also great, too.

For the last 8 years Treefort has built a solid community of gamers, as evidenced by the dozens, if not hundreds, of photos on the store’s Facebook Page.

In the beginning, Treefort was a small store, but as its customer base grew so did its size. It moved twice from its original location.

We first found Treefort almost four years ago after moving to the Atlanta area. We actually discovered it before even our moving van was finally unloaded at our new home. Its been our go-to spot for wargaming and roleplaying since.

Is the store in dire financial straits? No. The current owner has run the business successfully. It’s just time to move on–something which happens to a lot of small business owners.

Treefort had a great run though.

A lot of people will miss it.