Two kingdoms at war in the shadow of a mysterious ruin.

With Treefort Games closing down we decided to do one last battle there, using some of the excellent terrain found at the store.

The battlefield resembled a valley between a ruined fortress beyond a forest and an old wizards tower. We created two 2000-point armies using our Hundred Years’ War miniatures and played the game using the Kings of War rules.

Kings of War is a good set of rules. It plays much like Warhammer, but faster, more streamlined. We’ll do a proper review once we’ve played a few more games, but we really like it so far.

Both armies had large blocks of infantry–formations of foot knights, men with polearms, and so on. One side had lots of archers, the other side had a battery of cannon.

The cannon would be a constant menace, but they weren’t as effective as their player would have liked them to be.

The side without the cannon would have to move fast before getting blown apart.

With one side’s foot knight horde destroyed, it was pretty much game over. The fight in the center had ground to a halt, with the cannon raining hell down on those in the open field.

It was quick but entertaining game.

But meanwhile in the castle ruins other things were afoot…


The miniatures in the galleries come from a variety of manufacturers: Front Rank, Black Tree Design, Reaper Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast, and Ral Partha, and so on.

It would be the last chance to feature them in that ruined castle, since–just as we’re writing this–the castle being sold at Treefort’s terrain auction.

EDIT: The castle ruins sold for $200, the highest bid in the auction.

An owlbear from the early days of D&D 3e faces off against the Elf from the old Warhammer Quest game.