By Gustave Dore, from the illustrated edition of The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe.

Game Master: You hear a tapping that disturbs you from your napping, a gentle rapping at your chamber door.

Player: I do not open up the chamber door. I return to my book of forgotten lore. Only this, and nothing more. 

Game Master: Make another saving throw.

Player: Ha! Natural “20.”   My character shall not gaze upon anything from the Night’s Plutonian shore. 

Gamer Master: Uh… it’s not high enough.


Player (Sigh): Fine… I swing open wide the door. This adventure is a railroad and nothing more!

Game Master: The bust of Pallas laughs at you.


What does the darkness want? [Roll 1d10]

1. A yang for its yin.
2. For you to come talk with it again.
3. You do not gaze into true darkness, but a mirror reflecting your image.
4. To discuss the philosophies of Nietzsche.
5. For you to go up a river and find the man who claims to be a god.
6. For you to shut… that… door. (You’re letting out too much light).
7.  It whispers: “Lenore!”
8. The darkness attacks. Go ahead, cast Magic Missile.
9. Your life energy.
10. Nothing… it’s a massive Sphere of Annihilation.

You can find the original source on Project Guttenberg.