This figure was meant to play a larger role in the last Kings of War battle at Treefort Games. I had planned on it being a warbeast under the spell of a sorceress and a bard.  But alas, it didn’t happen. Maybe in a future game.

Wizards of the Coast produced the owlbear in the early days of D&D 3rd Edition, back before the switched over to all pre-painted plastic figures.

I finally got around to painting it awhile back.

DSC02889.JPG The miniature came in three parts. It body was separate from its arms. The left arm when on fine with superglue and green stuff.

The right arm, however, had left a gap at the shoulder. I filled it in with more green stuff.

If you look close you can see the repair work in the pictures. But (I hope) its not that noticeable.

Yet overall I enjoying painting the figure, getting to try out different techniques of dry brushing.

It feels good to get projects long dormant completed.