You don’t have to get the eyes perfect. Just make them look decent enough from a distance to give the miniature a life of its own.

The 20/0 paint brush.

Hands down.

You might have to go find it though, perhaps away from the gaming store and into an arts and crafts store.

A lot of gaming companies who market their own brushes don’t reveal the number of zeroes for their brushing, preferring labels like “extra-fine detail.”

(For the beginners out there, the average miniature painter will uses brush sizes 1, 0, 000, and 5/0. The higher the number, the larger the brush. The more zeroes, the tinier the brush.

Most of these work fairly well. But really to do the fine work with more ease, like painting eyes, you
need the smallest brush you can find.


Check the brush before you buy it. Make sure it has a point and the little plastic cover. In general, when it comes to brushes, you get what you pay for.

How to paint eyes.

  1. Paint a white line where the eyeball is.
  2. Paint a dot of black or your choice of color.
  3. Use your choice of flesh tone or shading to cover up any paint getting where it isn’t supposed to.

Some painters trace a dark line around each eyeball for added effect.

To avoid your own eye strain, you might need desk lamp with magnifying glass (also known as a magnifier lamp).