Dragon351.jpgYes, I know, 2008 was the last year to see a print version of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines.

And yes, I know, pdf and digital formats are here to stay.

But I’m not lamenting the transition to digital, what I’m lamenting is how the magazines are just “gone.” Oh sure, there’s Dragon+, there was Dungeons & Dragons Insider, and lots of options out there to fulfill whatever niche you enjoy in the RPG hobby.

But where’s a publication that fulfills a common need for all (well most) tabletop gamers.

Back in the day Dragon wasn’t just an advertisement for TSR or WotC; it covered other aspects of the hobby, including painting miniatures and would occasionally publish fiction.

Not everybody was happy with Dragon Magazine, as you would often read in the letters section. You can’t appease everybody.

Heck, whenever I saw anything with “Forgotten Realms” in the magazine, I said “nope” and moved on.

Now RPG hobbyists are more fragmented than before.

Where’s the common ground?