Google is actually not a good way to find new gaming stores. Because some of the stores are more like comic shops, so they won’t come up with terms like “Dungeons & Dragons Atlanta” or “Wargaming Atlanta.”

To find stores that sell Dungeons & Dragons stuff, go to the D&D Adventurers Guild website and enter in your ZIP code. You’ll get a list of stores near you.

Paizo’s website has a list of retailers according to the state.

Free RPG Day is also coming up this weekend, on Saturday. Find a store near you. 

For wargamers, it’s a bit harder, especially on the historical side of things.

The Army Painter has a store locator. 

The Flames of War website also has a store locator. 

No, I’m nor endorsing these companies or organized play. But you never know when your FLGS will close down and you’ll have to find greener pastures.

Also, if you’ve recently moved to a new area, gaming stores can actually be hard to find if don’t know where to look.