We’re talking about the original movie from 1973, not the one made a few years back with Nicolas Cage.

If you haven’t seen The Wicker Man track it down and watch it. It’s a combination of mystery, musical, horror, and Scottish pagan hippies gone wild.

The soundtrack can find a place in your game, if you’re willing to make it work. This isn’t one of those albums, like Diablo II, where you can just play it the background.

You have to have a specific scene in mind. Or your character is bard who likes singing rather ribald songs.


You’ll probably have easiest time inserting “The Landlord’s Daughter” at your game. “You’re in a strange tavern. This is what the patrons are singing.”

“Willow’s song” is the best of the lot, though NSFW if you listen closely to the lyrics…

…while “Lullaby” has a certain spellbinding effect before ending abruptly.

You can find The Wicker Man soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon. Just make sure you get the 1973 soundtrack by Paul Giovanni.