There’s an idea for an adventure in this video.

In fact, many years ago, I used this video as an inspiration for an adventure I made up on the fly after a member of the game-wrecking barbarian hordes joined my group of players.

This problem player somehow made himself group leader. The player-characters had encamped just a couple of miles away from a village where the adventure was to begin. Every single clue in the game pointed to that village.

(For those who want to know: the module was “Caermor,” by the late Nigel Findley, from Dungeon Magazine #2 reprinted in Dungeons of Despair in 1999. I’d converted it to D&D 3rd Edition.)

But no… after sitting around and debating for what seemed to be an hour, the game-wrecking barbarian pulled out a map, pointed to a random dot of a town and said:

“Why don’t we go here? Let’s try here.”

And they did.

I tried to dissuade them with hints and various random encounters on the road, but to no avail.

Finally, they came upon a woman on a horse galloping through the woods. She was dressed in red. At one point she stopped, wiped her forehead with a kerchief and dropped it.

One of the players got excited. He knew what it meant. His character ran over to the kerchief and picked it up.

And then a shadowy figure appeared on a nearby hill and demanded the characters hand it over…