In writing yesterday’s Soundtrack Saturday I discovered Nigel Findley.

Up until that point, I’d known him only as the author of “Caermor,” one of my favorite adventures from Dungeon Magazine, which had been reprinted in Dungeons of Despair in 1999.

I was shocked to learn the true corpus of his published material. I had no idea of his output.

What’s even more shocking: he died of a heart attack when he was 35.

When he was 30 years old, he took the plunge and starting writing full time. Five years later he was dead.

He had written during the time when I was just getting into RPGs, so his name had been unfamiliar to me.  Now I’m going through my collection to see what else I have written by him.

Life is too damn short.

If you’re going to be a writer, take it to the moon.

And sometimes you need to put the dice and books away and go do something great.


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