Just over six months ago I post this on the previous incarnation of these website. I’m reposting again, because I still mean everything I said. Stone Temple Pilots have been getting a lot of play time on my old iPod as of late. 

Scott Weiland, dead at 48.

There’s a lesson here, somewhere. Yet it remains that the lead singer of one of my favorite bands growing up has passed away.

Core was one of the last few cassette tapes I bought before I purchased a CD player. I played it over and over again until the tape got stretched out and Weiland’s voice became warbley, and the music itself would go distant and come back again.

D&D preparation and Stone Temple Pilots went hand-in-hand back in the day. I’d close the door to my room, take out sheets of paper, turn on some STP, and start writing.

Once I played Plush as the adventurers in my Greyhawk Campaign came to the city of Safeton on the Wild Coast. Safeton was anything but safe; it was a haven of slavers and villains. The song seemed appropriate.

I was such a D&D/STP nerd, I played Naked Sunday while I read a chapter in Homeland, by R. A. Salvatore–the part where Drizzt Do’Urden fought his fellow dark elves in a maze-like arena for the ultimate prize: graduating first place from the Drow School of Fighters–the Melee-Magthere.


Purple was a good album. Big Empty helped me get through all the teenage angst. At the time I thought the lyrics were “so deep.” The band lost me at Tiny Music from the Vatican Gift Shop.

Still, they were a great band. Weiland was a great singer.

Now I’m supposed to say something obligatory about his drug use. But doesn’t matter now. His pain is over, but his music helped others deal with their pain, and nerdy-little Stelios make it to adulthood.


UPDATE 12/7/15; 10pm: I just found out Scott Weiland played Dungeons & Dragons when he was 13.