At some point I ate pizza in June, 2016

2016 is half over already. Where did the time go? And all that.

Right before I tanked thewordofstelios.net  I wrote the following. I don’t remember if I published it or not. It was sort of a New Year’s pledge.

What I Really Want to Say Is…

Roll 1d20

1. Blogging is a testing ground for ideas, not a replacement for my writing schedule.
2. d20 Dark Ages was a good thing. But The Word of Stelios is better.
3. I really would like to finish The Art of Wargaming.
4. I have tendency to start big projects and have a hard time finishing them.
5. The “Art of Fiction” section is coming soon (I think).
6. Writing is a lot of work and not for the timid.
7. Not everybody likes cats, but I do, even though I’m allergic.
8. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school because of my job.
9. I wanna start a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign. But I don’t know if I have the time.
10. I would like to play more wargames, but I’ve been working weekends.
11. All those miniatures of mine still need painting.
12. My car needs a new catalytic converter.
13. Somebody else has worse problems than you or me. Be grateful with what you’ve got,
14. I’m writing this while listening to The Rolling Stones. (“You can’t always get what you want.”)
15. I still listen to Rammstein.
16. I still have my health.
17. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a character kill an orc or goblin in D&D.
18. Do I even play D&D anymore since I’m not playing 5e?
19. 2015 was good, 2016 will be even better, because I’ve put in the effort to make it so.
20. Thank you to all my readers, past, present, and future. You’re the reason I keep going, despite failures and setback, and keep taking swings at this whole business of being a writer.

May 2016 be a great year for you all.

–Stelios V. Perdios

My catalytic converter did get fixed so it could pass the emissions test.

I am still in great shape–I’ve lost another 5 lbs or so.

I am working on The Art of Wargaming. 

And a lot of those old posts from the old site will be making a reappearance in this month of July–especially the stuff from the Dungeons & Drunkards collaboration and the Week of Revenge.

I still believe blogging shouldn’t replace a writing schedule, but my work hours have been so screwball lately that blogging everyday is more manageable, than finishing some of the other projects I’ve got in the works.

Here’s to a great July!

Again, thank you to all my readers: past, present, and future!