Corvus Corax is a German Neo-Medieval band who sing many of their songs in Latin. I came across this group when I was asking around for some fight music for my D&D games–music that didn’t sound quite a like a movie or video game soundtrack.

Somebody recommended that I try listening to Corvus Corax. What I heard blew my mind.

Corvus Corax has been around in various forms since 1989, and not all of their music sounds as epic as what you’d find on Cantus Buranus II (which is an opera based on the Carmina Burana).

I can’t recommend Corvus Corvax enough… unless you don’t like (or hate) the sound bagpipes.

Corvus Corvax has lots of bagpipes in their music. You’ve been warned.

Even if you don’t like bagpipes, there’s still a number of song to pick and choose for your gaming soundtrack collection.

Their albums used to be hard-to-find in the United States. But now most of their music is available on iTunes, or Amazon.