A while back Fuzzy Skinner asked me about the best way to remove paint from plastic miniatures. As shown here, nail polisher remover based on acetone is not it. 

Just as an experiment, I put some of my metallic miniatures it an old plastic Tupperware container I no longer used. Then I put in some nail polish remover and started working.

The paint on the miniatures starting coming off without any scrubbing. But then I noticed what was going on with container.

I removed the miniatures and put them in a small drinking glass.

The acetone–what little there was, you don’t need much–continued to eat away at the container before I rinsed it out with water.

It was experiment, since I normally use Pine Sol. But the nail polish really got deep down into the cracks of each figure–especially the war dogs’ fur.

I learned that you need to let the figures soak in the nail polish for a good 10 minutes or so. Then I used toothpicks and Q-tips to buff and scrape the remaining paint off.

Normally I would have used a toothbrush with the Pine Sol, but since the bristles on the brush are plastic…

The moral of the story:

Don’t use nail polish remover to strip paint from plastic miniatures. The acetone will eat the plastic.

If you really want to re-paint a plastic figure, and other paint stripper methods don’t work, you might just want to buy another plastic figure, if you can, and start over with the new figure..