One of the most unwise things I’ve done in the past few days was to work a night shift and then try to unwind watching the first episode of one of Netflix’s latest original series: Stranger Things.

So much for getting to sleep on time.

I first heard about the series on a Oldhammer forum, somebody was trying to identify the Ral Partha Demogorgon miniature in one of the show’s first scenes, where four 12-year-old boys were sitting in a basement playing Dungeons & Dragons.

They even had the rulebook (the AD&D DMG?) covered up by a folded paper bag sleeve just like they did back then. And they swore. And the DM was jerking the players around. And they knocked the dice off the table and the players tried to cheat. And it was wonderful.

And then DM’s mother says its time for them to go home. They’d been playing for 10 hours. Loved it.

Attention miniature buyers and sellers, this figure just went up in value.

Anyway, on the way home, one of the DM’s friends, Will Byers goes missing. That’s the inciting incident.

It’s a homage to the ’80s, complete with creepy synthesizer music, the hair and clothing styles, the working-class people you don’t really see in shows anymore, and a number of other things which have gotten me hooked. There’s some funny stuff in there, but the writer/producers, The Duffer Brothers, aren’t really poking fun at the ’80s. I feel like they’re letting things stand on their own.

It looks like I’ll have to binge watch Stranger Things before I can give a full review and get back to my normal life.

Whatever that means.

Now I want to play 1st Edition AD&D.