It’s such a great show. Audiences will enjoy it on many different levels.

D&D nerds will, of course, love the show, as will children of the ’80s. But it does appeal to wider audiences who aren’t familiar with such things. There’s lots of Star Wars references, of course.

One of the most terrifying scenes involves a kid dropping a near-mint Millennium Falcon play set from the 1980s three times.

Stranger Things is sort of a time capsule in how things used to be before cellphones, Internet, and lots of CGI in movies. (There was some CGI, but it wasn’t very noticeable).

The Premise: When a boy and D&D nerd, Will Byers, goes missing, his friends and family must come together to deal with the supernatural forces behind his abductions. The boy’s friends go on their own little adventure to find him, and only the way the encounter a mysterious girl. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother (played by Winona Ryder), and the town sheriff launch their own investigations.

The show is a broad mix of ’80s horror movies, The Goonies, with references to say, Stand By Me.

The end of every episode leaves you wanting more.

I finished all 8 episodes in five days.

But now I need to watch the series again, just to catch anything I missed…