The website Casting Shadows is hosting the #RPGaDAY 2016 social media/blog hop.

It’s pretty simple: you answer the questions above on your preferred social media platform.

These are some really great, thought-provoking, questions. None of this: “What’s your favorite character class?” or “What was your first RPG experience?”

Those are okay questions, but they don’t require much depth to their answers.

The question above, however, no doubt will spark some conversations.

Unfortunately, I won’t be participating.

I’m dedicating August to the 16th Anniversary of the release of D&D Third Edition, were most if my posts will be about what I call the “heady days 3e,” from 2000 to 2003.

But your are participating, go for it. I’ll definitely be poking around to see what people are saying.

Maybe I’ll answer some of the RPG-a-Day questions in September.