Dyvers, a great blog by Charles Akins, began in the summer of 2013.

The blog featured  “The Best Reads of the Week” series, where Akins compiled great gaming-related blog posts from around the web.

This evolved into the Great Blog Roll Call of 2014.

This was a high point in the gaming blog-o-sphere. Since then Akins has tackled other projects like The Week of Vengeance.

And then there was Dungeons & Drunkards, which got a mention EN World.

In both projects Akins organized a group of like-minded bloggers, such as myself, to write up gaming content and stories. It was fun.

(And for those who remember: some of the content from those projects, such as “Anne Greyhawk and Her Curses,” will return).

I hope Akins starts posting again regularly. He fulfilled a need: the hunt for good reading material online.

I still go, on occasion, to the Great Blog Roll Call of 2014 to find any gems I may have missed.

Happy Birthday, Dyvers!