I’m only including Midnight Syndicate’s D&D Official Role-playing Soundtrack for the sake of completeness. It’s D&D Third Edition month here, and I’d be remiss not so say something about it.

Is it a terrible soundtrack? No. Far from it.

It’s for those who are just beginning to collect music for their RPGs.

And it took me long time to figure this out (not until I starting writing this review, actually).

When I first heard this soundtrack back in the day (it came out in 2003), I had already a big library of music for my games. And so it failed to impress me, and thus never got any play time in my games. (Hey, I once listened to it while painting miniatures? Does that count?)

But if you’re just starting out looking for music for your games, The D&D Official Role-playing Soundtrack isn’t a bad choice.

You get a variety of basic tracts for different situations all on one album, as opposed to tracking down and compiling your own play list from multiple sources.

There’s music for combat, undead armies marching, wizards casting spells, and good old fashioned dungeon exploration. Some even have sounds of chanting or sword fights mixed in.

The best tracks, in my opinion, include: “Troubled Times,” “Final Confrontation,” and “The Ruins of Bone Hill.”