Back in the heady days of D&D 3rd Edition, a lot of third-party companies debuted their products. Most were sub-par to say the least.

Necromancer Games published some of the best of the lot. The Crucible of Freya is still one of our favorite adventures, regardless of edition.

It’s a tough adventure.

Though for low-level characters, there will be a lot of character deaths if your players don’t use their wits when confronting their enemies.

We’ve run this adventure at least three times over the years, each time usually to launch a campaign. The players enjoyed, though there were some comments from one group about the module being “unfair.”

Just forget about 3rd Edition Challenge Ratings when running this adventure. The characters have a chance of facing a small warband of orcs all at once. If the characters survive at 1st or 2nd level, they probably will gain a level upon completing the adventure.

The Premise: An orc raiding band stole the Crucible of Freya one night as the PCs are visiting the village of Fairhill. They have to track the orcs back to ruined keep that once belonged to wizard named Eralion.

The adventure is part linear, part sandbox. It was the sequel to the free online adventure, The Wizard’s Amulet.  You could find additional product updates at Necromancer Games website (now gone). Now they’re available at

Get them while you can.

The Crucible of Freya is available in PDF at Frog God Games. Physical copies can be found at the used bookstores, certain gaming stores with back log of “classic” materials, or, the old standby: Ebay.

Get this if: You think your players would enjoy a challenge adventure. You’re a collector of old Necromancer Games adventures. You understand what “Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel” really means.

Don’t this if: Your players don’t like challenging modules. You’re nitpicky about errata; The module contains a number of errors simply because the designers weren’t familiar with D&D 3e yet. These have been corrected in a download in the archive link.