Many of my players have heard Rammstein for the first time when I run my games.

This especially holds true in the heady days of D&D Third Edition, 2000 to 2003. Rammstein’s music just seemed to fit with the new “dungeon punk” theme of 3e.

“Du Hast” became a staple song for special combats.

Sometimes I’d play “Feuer Frei.”


One of my favorite moments in gaming comes from running The Forge of Fury for the first time. The player-characters reached the lowest levels of the dungeon. There, amid caverns filled with water, they began to explore.

I queued up “Rammstein” and pushed play.

And when the guitar riff hit, that’s when the black dragon popped its head out of the water, breathed acid on the PCs, and then ducked back under again..