SkeletalDwarf02Why did it take me so long to finally paint this miniature?

It took about 2-3 hours, tops, to assemble and paint, but around 15 years to actually get around to do it. (In fact, it was finishing this miniature that inspired me to do D&D 3e month.)

So what gives? Why so long?

Here are a few of my reasons below. You can use this table to help justify your own possible procrastination when it comes to painting miniatures…

What Haven’t I Painted that Miniature Yet? Roll 1d10

  1. I’m a multi-classed writer/roleplayer/wargamer: I haven’t “leveled up” in wargamer enough to have the skill to paint that miniature, and I’ve other things to do.
  2. There are few dwarves in my homebrew campaign setting, hence, not much of a need for a dwarf skeleton.
  3. The game went defunct. Why would I paint a figure for a game nobody plays anymore.
  4. I saw the miniature on CoolMiniOrNot and thought: “There’s no way I can paint it that well.” And so therefore I didn’t paint it at all.
  5. Other games have come out–I need to paint miniatures for those.
  6. Those stupid voices in my head kept saying: “You have better things to do…”
  7. I couldn’t find the miniature for a long time.
  8. I may have sold the miniature. Felt bad. Then bought it again.
  9. I’m saving the miniature for when I retire and have a huge pile of miniatures to paint. That way I’ll be immortal for when Death comes to get me… unless my significant other has a yard sale.
  10. Eh… I’ll paint it tomorrow.



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