No. I didn’t burn my D&D books.

My gamer friends and I stuck with D&D 3.5e after 4e came out. (Well, I experimented with 4e, but we won’t talk about that).

By this time, however, I really wanted to try something else, but the group pretty much wanted to stick with what was familiar: 3.5e.  Nobody was keen on investing into Pathfinder, except for perhaps the published adventures.

So one day a friend volunteered to DM. She had converted the first adventure from The Rise of the Runelords adventure path to 3.5e.

It was a fun adventure. I don’t think I’ve despised goblins so much in my life: they kill dogs and eat babies, dammit. That’s just what they do in Pathfinder. Talk about getting your players hooked to hunt down goblins–in previous editions goblins were kind of “ho-hum.”

So when my fighter/druid and his companions reached the goblin lair, we were all itching to spill some goblin blood.

The lair was a mass of overgrown thistles and briars, inside was maze of rooms and corridors. We explored most of it, as I recall, but at some point goblin reinforcements arrive and began pushing us back.

My fighter/druid, wanting to cleanse the forest of this evil once and for all, lit a torch and stuck into the thistle wall here and there. So the lair began to burn and we all had to flee.

The DM was exasperated with me: “Why did you do that? Now the forest is catching fire!”

“Wait… no. Huh? But I just wanted to burn down the lair.”

“Don’t you remember me saying there’s a drought!

“#$%&?@!!!  Uh… forest fires are part of the cycle of nature and…”

My character lost his Druidhood.

So he basically became a fighter with some extra skills and hit points.

The group managed to escape the forest fire and get back to town. Fortunately, the fire didn’t reach the town, but most of the forest in the area was gone.

The DM had some vague plans for how I could atone.

But things outside the game were changing. I’d just graduated with my Master’s degree, and was making preparations to move out-of-state. It was the summer of 2012.

So that would be my last D&D 3.5e game–but at least it ended memorably.

I mean, everybody had heard of or seen a paladin losing his paladinhood for giving to into temptation, but who’s ever heard of a druid losing his powers for burning down a forest?