Do you want to know a relatively inexpensive way to collect miniatures for your wargames and tabletop RPGs?

Buy true 25mm miniatures. Ral Partha. Grenadier. All of that “old stuff” which came out before scale creep made them unpopular.

28mm miniatures are bigger, and have the added bonus of being more detailed (for the most part) than their 25mm predecessors. As far as I can tell, Games Workshop started the scale creep in the 1990s on the wargaming side of things. I think it had something to do with plastics being too fragile for the standard 25mm mold.

On the fantasy RPG side of things, you had Reaper miniatures, selling 28mm “heroic” scale models. This eventually became the standard.

The downside to all of this?

25mm miniatures, in my opinion, are easier and faster to paint. You may not have gotten as much detail on the figure, but at the same time they weren’t as intimidating to paint.

Most of my figures are 28mm, but I still have a few 25mm figures–all metal.

Sometimes I get the urge to buy a lot of 25mm miniature, but I always decline–even though you can often get them for reasonable low prices.

The 25mm miniatures just don’t look quite tall enough when side-by-side to their successors.