Rome: Music from the HBO series is a great soundtrack all around.

You can play most of the tracks in the background to help build an semi-exotic atmosphere for your games. I can easily see this music being played in a classic sword-and-sorcery game (based in an urban setting, of course), or you know, a game based on the late Roman Republic. .

I can best describe the music being fairly morose, mixed with periods of excitement. Really the most upbeat track on this album is the show’s theme.

“Riot in the Senate, Pullo Find the Gold” has a good “military march” bit from about the middle to the end.

Perhaps the most haunting of the lot is “The Murder of Julius Caesar.”

The biggest downside to this soundtrack: I can’t find it on iTunes or Amazon for a reasonable price.

I own the Season 1 soundtrack. I’m not sure if Season 2 ever came out, as I’ve periodically searched for it over the years.

So if you really like the music, and find it somewhere, you should probably get it while you can.