I first heard of Schwarzer Engel a few years back with their album Träume einer Nacht, specifically with their song  “Königin der Nacht.”

I was hooked. Very angsty. Very metal. Very Gothic.

But somehow, I lost track of them in the interim, but then I came across this the other day:

Mein Gott im Himmel! I had to get the rest of the album.

“Herrscher der Nacht” is probably best song on Imperium I: Im Reich der Gotter. But the rest are pretty good too, save for maybe “Schwarzer Kunst” (“Black Magic”).

“Du,” “Schmerz bleibt Mein,” and “Meine Liebe” may each give you a case of earworm–the good kind.

How will I use this music in my games? Not sure yet.